I Don’t hate Gay people.Am against their mentality

It’s already in the public domain that am an homosexual discriminator and criticizer. There are people who have gone to an extend of framing me as gay in denial just because there stupid offers were turned off.Well all might not be as it seems. First I respect humankind and gay people being humans that means I respect them too and that as close as it can get.
What I hate about gay men is the mentality of; ‘all men are gay’ yes! I said it,that’s whats always runing inside their heads.Have you ever come across a gay man before? If its a female its okey but if you are a man you are on the menu. Meet an homosexual and in the first site BOOM!! they think of banging you or vise viser.
Try informing them that you are straight and they claim you are playing hard to get,meet them in the club and all they do is to keep on trolling you and asking for your phone number,buying drinks for waitresses to trick you to giving up your contacts.It’s funny how you will turn off their sexual request just for them to open up new Facebook accounts with female information just try and sex chat you or trick you to a blind date.Some are stupid enough to block you,then unblock you,Change their facebook names and profile to a female account,send you are request and start a chat forgetting that the previous inbox information is still visible.Well I think its now out of what I hate,am not against LGBT members but against the thoughts of a man thinking that he can have any man as a sexual partner,nothing personal



Best Quads in Kenyan Bodybuilding Historry | See this Amaizing photos of Sheetal Kotaks Yamy!! Legs

  • For most women there bigest dream is nothing but getting that sexy physique but hitting the gym as never been a priority.While the lower body plays a big role in this since it consists of the Hips,Thighs,Hamstrings; that perfect curve e.t.c

  • sheetal-2

  • For the fear of lifting weights with the mentality of bigger muscles in women is Ugly (While thats what Men realy want).Women have choosen other ways to getting this curves and thats by using enhancing drugs to assit them,resulting to worse side effects.

  • Then dont worry no more,Squates is the real deal to a upper and lower body sexy physique.Look at this photos of Sheetal kotak that prooves this theory

One secret thing women want in bed that men…..

One Screat thing Women Want in the bedroom that men feel its desgustin.

xx-1For most men sex is always a on and Off kind of Game,many feeling pleased when sutisfied and not the person on the other end leading to lots of break Ups and more one night stands.
Men seem to think the bigger the Penis the better you are but is that what women realy want? A question of thought.
When the bedroom game begins most men only focus on one part of the body forgeting 2 important parts and one strong tactik that will spice up the relationship for life.
Women love it when you Kiss while making love,it doesn’t only feel romantic but shows that you care.
One of the most important parts is the breasts,apart from just creating a beautifull view on a woman,Breasts play a very important roll when is comes to bed.
Well how do you do it,is all begins with curresing/gentley pressing,scuizing the brests and leaking of the niples increases the womans hunger for sex and makes her cum easily and quickley.
Tangue and Verginer

Well you have heard people say “Eat that Pu***sy like grosery” well thats the million dollar secret no woman will ever tell you but realy want,rubbing the verginer with your tangue aurauses her more sexualy and makes the game epic like never beffore.
So now you have it,don’t be the one minute kind of man in bed and Spice up your relationship with this one way ticket to plessure land.

Is Self proclaimed twitter bigwig Xtian dela a fake? and why he blocked me on twitter


Mandela popularly known on social media networking services as ‘Xtian dela’ blocked me on twitter for my tweet    is @Xtiandela fake? Do you agree? Xtian dela who boasts of a tone twitter 772,000 followers is a fake.The self proclaimed Twibig as always defended himself whenever confronted on the issue of buying twitter followers but no one seems to understand on how he got his jumbo of followers so fast.

Xtian dela who boasts of his blue budge Verified account while the only thing he does is shouting out follow trains and mostly provoking hash Tags.
When is account got Unverified #KOT made him a laughing stock as he tried to deffend him self by claiming that he “mistakenly clicked on a symbol that made his account private”


According to twitter’s guidelines,one can lose his verification when the account is rendered fake,when user dies or becomes a disgraced public figure.

On 8th/2015 an unconfirmed hacker claimed that Xtian dela’s legit followers were only 4,000 (1.7%) and the remaining 98.3% are users from other nations,chines taking a huge percent as 70%.

Other media bigwigs including Robert Alai ‘Twitter handle @RobartAlai‘ have come out to claim that Xtian dela is indeed a fake.
On Tuesday,10th February 2015 at 11:01 GHAFLA’s blogger Edward Chweya published a post on ‘how the self proclaimed bigwig is a fake’ and now Investigative Journalist Mohammed Ali of Jicho Pevu as backed him up by re-tweeting Edward Chweya’s tweet agreeing that Xtian dela is a fake.


And so I still ask the same question as everyone else is Xtian Dela fake????????


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Tips on how to become a successful business Man or Woman,don’t get left out

Starting a business and becoming successful is way
difficult unless it’s properly approached.In 20014 I
attended a training organized by the Africa Youth on
Employbility covering matters on;Professional CV
writting,Job opportunities,Job application,Interviewing
and business stability.Below I have set up simple steps
to help and guide you set up your own business and
maintain it,no matter the size.


Know the type of business you want to get into is very
important,you can’t just jump in any business.You need
to know whether it is a sole proprietorship or a
partnership,this will also help you identify the amount of
capital required.

Having a plan is very important,you need to have a plan
on what you want to do.Example; do you have the skills
required in the field of your desired business,what kind
of business is it and where will you get your products
from,identify the source.

Market identification is also one of important key
aspect,you need to know where to sell your goods or
services.You must know what environment is ideal for
your business.

Capital is the most important but misleading as
well,you need money to buy products to sell.Identify the
stock needed then the amount required for capital.
Now you have and idea on How to start your own
business,the question remaining is,do you know how to
maintain it? Below are some steps I have put together
to guide you.

No one wants to be at a dirty place,it is
uncomfortable.Cleaning your business environment and
keeping your products neat will attract more people and
helps you maintain your customers.

Advertise your business,use bright colours and large
writings,bold letters are good.You can also use social
media platforms,calendars or advertise on cloths or
overall/dust coats.

Keep checking on your services now and then.Try and
keep your services as first as possible,if you are doing
your business online try and reply to text and emails
quickly.You can also give discounts and offers on
holidays,this will help you advertise it through word of

This will enable you,list down the amount of money
used in stocks,the amount commodities sold,rejected
and expired products.Keeping this data will help keep
your profits&losses on site.

Every one wants to be in a sef place,make sure your
customers feel safe,If your customers accidentally
forget their wallet,purse,phone or jewelry at your counter
let them feel comfortable to come back and find it.
Keep an eye on your business and activities around
it.You need to set measures on your employees(if you
have any) and customers;Your customers can’t get
access to the cash draws or store.

If you have employees,don’t be a bad boss.Paying
employees fairly will make them fall in love with there
duties hence working hard. Apart from counting your
profits,you need to be on the pay roll as well,don’t take
money from your profits for personal use.Apart from
buying more stock,Profits are also ment to return the
amount of money spent on capital and use the rest to
expand the business.

NOTE: Having good relations with your employees will
build more trust.Don’t get too personal involved with
your employees,this can lead to laziness and being
disrespected,have a separate bank account for you
business.Good luck. 🙂