Why NASA might take the best Slice from Vihiga | 2017 Polls


Jubilee’s Poor Campaign facilitation of funds and material  in Vihiga county as made it’s aspirants thinking about changing their ways to NASA.
Vihiga County in the Western part of Kenya is known to be a “NASA” Strong hold/Raila’s political backup but that was to change in 2017 when some leaders decided to forget the tendency of “My party My Tribe” and join “Jubilee” and dump their money in registrations to the ballot papers.

~Hoping that Jubilee will be there for them as they campaign for the president but that was all in vein.The Vihiga County aspirants on the Jubilee ticket feel like they have been neglected by the party and don’t belong there. Furthermore the president as never stepped his foot in Vihiga County as he as done in other Countys. The question on their mind is “Have they been forgotten or are they worth the jubilee tickets??”



Get the hell out of our Country ”David Matsanga”

mastanga 1

Uganda politician Mr. David Matsanga has been seen several times on our Kenyan Tv screens and even on our Radio stations throwing every word of insults to Kenyans on Twitter ” KOT ” and the members of the opposition ,and its time Kenyans want him to pack out and go!!

mastanga 2

This oversized human as been blasting the opposition and siding with the government in every little mistake they do,Mr. Mastanga believe the governments incompetence is Development and both the opposition and Kenyan’s voice is pure none sens. If Mstanga says and thinks Museveni’s rule in Uganda is good,why his he doing in our country?? A million dollar question Kenyans ask,

Mr. David Mastanga It is time you pack your enormous cloths and leave our country,you have been living in our peaceful motherland for so long yet causing nothing but trouble and disturbance,we are tired of seeing you in our screens every now and then doing nothing but speaking rubbish and  expressing your short brain’s skills.And you should stop calling yourself a Ugandan Patriot,you didn’t even vote on the last election,its time Kenyans have decided ” Leave our Country,Uganda needs your opinions ”

mastanga 3

Three Reasons not to Vote in the JUBILEE Government 2017,your vote counts


There is no other political party in Kenya that as
misused power like the Jubilee party.It as been seen
starting from the top and that’s the
Parliament,members of the majority passing bills into
laws that deprives the Citizens/media rights of freedom
as per the constitution in the name “tirany of numbers”.
No one is allowed to give his/her opinion and criticize
the Government in it’s wrong doing.There is no freedom
of speech in the current Kenya,from
Facebook,Twitter,Websites and blogs.
We have seen use of police forces used to arrest
bloggers and other media personalities for criticizing the
government for it’s misconducts.
This fear as even spread on the streets,no one can talk
about his views on political matters.The only way to
feel safe talking about your views/opinions is by
praising the government.
Apart from trying to gag down the media,this
government as even tried to take full control of NGO’s
funds in the name of fighting terrorism while in the dark
politicians are benefiting from this money.What does it
mean to close down an NGO,freeze their bank accounts
and never to come up with evidence of them funding
terrorism activities?

Since the Jubilee government came into power,there has
been an increase in cases of tribalism starting from
government officials to Citizens level.
It is only in Kenya were you can vote for someone or
defend them just because you share the same tribe.It as
been seen NGOs,Investors and funds been allocated to
certain parts/regions of the country.
Some leaders in the Jubilee party have made other
tribes look superior than others in an unfriendly
manner.We have 42 tribes and 47 counties,
Why are we only seeing 1-2-3 tribes in the
high seats in every county,there is no way 1-2 tribes
can be seen in every County’s high seats,from police
departments,Health departments e.t.c where are the
rest 40+ tribes.


Corruption the killer of economy,as people keep on
ignoring the fact the stolen money from government
departments affects them,this will always be a
problem,corruption as disabled our country’s
economy,the health care department is also badly
affected.The more money is missing (Stolen) the higher
commodities prices increase mostly food and
shelter,drugs.Leaders of the Jubilee party have been
setting bad example by bribing voters in some cases.An
issue of land grabbing as been raised by the opposition
and members of public but nothing as been done.

•It is about time we changed this situation,the leaders in
power might have money but we;the citizens have
something more superior,our votes.Let Us have a good
stance and make the right decisions this coming 2017
general elections and make our country better.No taking
of bribes in order to vote,that 100-200 KES. Will coast
you a lifetime wound that is painful and might not
heal.Be brave #OnePeopleOneKeya PEACE.