Lillian Muli,Promiscuous Women Who can’t Settle down


Lillian Muli who is a citizen tv news anchor and a role model for many especialy women as been doing rounds on the internet and every time her name is mentioned the first thing that rings in peoples heads is “Flirty”
Lillian Muli who devorced her husband “Kanene” and even confirmed it on live TV show ‘One On One’ when she hosted former veteran journalist Jeff Koinange,she had to put Jeff on a poss! when he attempted to write his ex. husbands name on her autographed biography.
Other Sources indicated that she is ready to be married as a second wife to Shabana FC Chairman,Mr. Jared Nevaton.
Lillian Who also showed of her flarting skills when she acted ‘SheHoe’ to popular Dancehall music artist Konshen on live TV interview when he visited Kenya for his Concert at KICC Nairobi.
In the past there was a vedio doing trends in some blogs and Lillian was put on the spot light.In the vedio,Lillian is seen insulting a waitress at a popular bar and restaurant the ‘Carribia‘ which is loacated in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.
Lillian who was in a company of a man when this incident happened,Other customers tried to keep her shut but she couldn’t and went on and on even after the customers yeiled at her “Go back to Kempinski,where you would be treated as a celebrity”.This took place on Friday Sept.2nd

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Is Self proclaimed twitter bigwig Xtian dela a fake? and why he blocked me on twitter


Mandela popularly known on social media networking services as ‘Xtian dela’ blocked me on twitter for my tweet    is @Xtiandela fake? Do you agree? Xtian dela who boasts of a tone twitter 772,000 followers is a fake.The self proclaimed Twibig as always defended himself whenever confronted on the issue of buying twitter followers but no one seems to understand on how he got his jumbo of followers so fast.

Xtian dela who boasts of his blue budge Verified account while the only thing he does is shouting out follow trains and mostly provoking hash Tags.
When is account got Unverified #KOT made him a laughing stock as he tried to deffend him self by claiming that he “mistakenly clicked on a symbol that made his account private”


According to twitter’s guidelines,one can lose his verification when the account is rendered fake,when user dies or becomes a disgraced public figure.

On 8th/2015 an unconfirmed hacker claimed that Xtian dela’s legit followers were only 4,000 (1.7%) and the remaining 98.3% are users from other nations,chines taking a huge percent as 70%.

Other media bigwigs including Robert Alai ‘Twitter handle @RobartAlai‘ have come out to claim that Xtian dela is indeed a fake.
On Tuesday,10th February 2015 at 11:01 GHAFLA’s blogger Edward Chweya published a post on ‘how the self proclaimed bigwig is a fake’ and now Investigative Journalist Mohammed Ali of Jicho Pevu as backed him up by re-tweeting Edward Chweya’s tweet agreeing that Xtian dela is a fake.


And so I still ask the same question as everyone else is Xtian Dela fake????????


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Tips and Simple mistakes to avoid while writting a CV

A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a document that gives
employers a clue of a job seeker and his/her
capabilities.There are simple mistakes people make
when it comes to CV writing.Most people will avoid to
fill in/fail to talk much about certain areas by doubting
their capabilities.Below I have listed a few areas to
consider when writing your Curriculum Vitae and give it
an extra Boost!!!

What people should understand is that this three are
very important but only when asked to talk about
them.It is important not to include this three in your CV
if not asked to do so.

Most people will tend to think that you can only fill this
space if you’ve worked in a big institution or company
for a period of time,mainly for the job you are applying
for.Don’t let that scare you,this can be
internship,voluntary roles or previous jobs.You should
always add the positions,roles and key
achievements.This will help the employer build trust and
confidence in you.

This is not compulsory but rather not skip it.In this
section you may write any personal skills or abilities.
(a) Being a school head boy/girl (School President) or a
class prefect,shows a skill of leadership.
(b) Being a team captain,cheer leader or a member of a debating
club shows a skill of leadership. This will give employers
a clear picture of who they are going to work with.

This can’t be avoided,people confuse this to
EDUCATION but it’s slightly different.In this section you
a required to highlight coachings you received out of
school or in school but taught by an organization or a
group of volunteers.
(a) Attended a training on First Aid,organized by Red
Cross on 2nd.Dec.2015
(b) Attended a training on HIV/AIDS in 4th.Jan.2014
Organised by Unisef.
This is going to help your CV stand out more.

Now you have an Idea on how to make your CV stand
out and mistakes to avoid,its time to go and make it
happen.If you have any questions talk to me in the
comments box below….
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