Rashid Issa : ” I will deffend my tittle this Comming July 1st 2017 “

rashid 1
Jeep: Hallo,Mr. Rashid?
Rashid: Hello boss,
 Jeep: What have you been upto since last year 2016 Mr.Kenya competition?
Rashid: Just been up and down working and working out.
Jeep: Most people might be wondering,what made you win the competition.What does it take to be a Mr.Kenya?
Rashid: I won coz I was the man of the moment. I not only brought the best package but it was also complete. One has to work hard for it,prepare well and bring the best physique.
 Jeep: How did it feel to take home the trophy? 
Rashid: Its a good thing being the best in the country you know, it just tells the other side of you that both the judges and audience missed out on and that’s your discipline in training and diet.
rashid 3
Jeep: Thats impressive,now lets talk about this year agenda.Howis your preparation for this main event?
Rashid: This year things might be different coz I expect a lot of stiff competition that’s why I’ve been preparing to my level best to bring the best and am sure the best is gonna win.
 Jeep: Whats soo unique about your training program and other competitors.What makes you think you will lift the cup once again?
Rashid: There’s nothing unique in my training routine or program. I think I like to focus on form and technique rather than sacrifice form for weight coz am a bodybuilder and not a powerlifter or in a strongman competition. You know what if you thought winning or retaining a title is easy, try beating a defending champion.
Jeep: What muscle groups were your strong holds last year?
Rashid:  All but one. Though in body building symmetry is important as a well defined classic Physique.
 Jeep: What are you doing to ensure that other athlets dont over shine you on stage this comming July 1st. 2017 ?
Rashid: My aim is not to avoid being over shined by other athletes but to bring a totally different package from what they saw last year.
rashid 2
Jeep: Whats deffrent in your current meal plan from last year?
Rashid: Nothing is actually changing in my plan only that am changing my meal times from day to night coz of we’ll be observing the Holy month of RAMADHAN so I have to eat my meals at night and take Casein as my last meal at 5am.
Jeep: what are you improving on,interms of your physique this year?
Rashid: I’ve increased my size but maintained my weight meaning I’ll be more solid.
Jeep: Do you think there will be a stiff competition this year on stage as it was last year?
Rashid: Why not? This is Mr.Kenya Title and everyone wants to win. I still expect same or even more competition from same and new guys coming.
 Jeep: What should people expect this year on stage?
Rashid: They should expect entertainment, fire works and a repeat of 2016.
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Bodybuilding Interview | Kenya’s rising bodybuilder Evans Nabaya talks about his journey to fitness and bodybuilding


JEEP: What are your real names?
EVANS: My real names are Evans Nabaya Ongere.
JEEP:Are you a Brand Sponsored athlete?
EVANS: no am not a brand ambassador/­athlete,am self sponsored sir.
JEEP:How do you balance your ; family,work and fitness

EVANS: I am employed to a shop in town,at 8:45 am I am at work,from 5:15 pm after work I hit the gym,from 6:45-8pm I train then do my clients personal training.By 9:30 pm am home with my family until Sunday.
JEEP:How long have you been in this sport?
EVANS: I have been in this passionate sport now for my third concentrative year,focused to the sport.
JEEP:What approached you to fitness?
EVANS: I liked the sport since I was young,I liked muscles and used to check my body everyday to see if my muscles were growing hehehe…So it’s from my heart.

evans-8[photo credit; Wallace Ragu and Evans]
JEEP:what attracted you to the bodybuilding part?
EVANS: Bodybuilding is a nice sport it makes me fit,healthy and look younger.
JEEP:How was the reaction of your family and
friends when you said,”I am becoming a bodybuilder”?
EVANS: At first they ignored me but when they saw my effort in the media doing it passionately they gave me a hand and they were all proud of me being a bodybuilder.
JEEP:What categories have you competed in and how did
you place.?
EVANS: -Mr. Nairobi bodybuilding championship 2015 bantam weight category,position 5
-Mr. Kenya bodybuilding championship 2015 bantam weight category,position 2
-Musclemania Africa bodybuilding championship bantam weight category,position 5
-Modern Fitness bodybuilding championship 2015
-Mr. Nairobi bodybuilding championship 2016 bantam weight category position 4

JEEP:how many days a week, how many
sessions a day and hours do you train?
EVANS: For my routine I always train five days a week,one session a day and it’s a 30-45 minutes training.
JEEP:Which is your most starbon muscle and which one is your strong
EVANS: As for many people my lower body is the most starbon but my upper body is my strong hold.

JEEP:Free weights or machines which is the best?
EVANS: I prefer free weights,they are more effective.
JEEP:Isolated muscle workout or Compound muscle
workout which do you prefer for bringing out the
EVANS: Compound muscle workouts work for me,hit them all at once
JEEP:As they say,muscle are made in the gym
and grow in the Kitchen, what’s your diet like?
EVANS: For your muscles to grow you need a kitchen and gym,lots of proteins and water.

JEEP:When do you have your cheatmeals?
EVANS: My cheat meals are mainly on weekends.
JEEP:Whats favorite supplements?
EVANS: I have no choices for supplements,I prefer food due to my financial state but USN native Whey and Hyperbolic Whey if I have Cash.

evans-6[Photo credit ; Jeepson Anzigare and Evans at a USN Booth]
JEEP:Who is Your favorite current Mr. Olimpya
EVANS: My favorite Mr. Olympia is Phil Heath.
JEEP:Well everyone always have their Fair share of
criticism from people, have you had yours? how was it?
EVANS: People asking if am natural,every bodybuilder goes through that.People think you need steroids to build muscles.It’s not good.

JEEP:What music highps! you in the gym?
EVANS: Hiphop is the kind of music that highps me up in the gym.
JEEP:Whats your craziest fun’s experience?
EVANS: Mmmh..None,they always give me support and encourage me to go forward and deliver the best.
JEEP:What advice can you give to young
athletes trying to get into fitness?
EVANS: My advice is to stay focused,stay away from jokers and critics.Don’t follow everything people say or do,do what you can.Life is nice,enjoy it fit and healthy.
Well you have all heard it your selves from the champ him self,Know more about him by finding him on facebook as Evans Musoma

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Wallace Ragu ; Gym Instructor | Competitive bodybuilder

Dexter Marvins ; Competitive Bodybuilder

Felix Isavwa ; Weight Lifter | Strong man

Gared Omanga ; Security guard | Competitive bodybuilder

KENYAN FITNESS | Meet Sheetal Kotak,a Kenyan Competitive Female Bodybuilder and USN ambassador

A new Queen is in town.Meet Sheetal Kotak the Female Titanium and beauty of Irion known as “Sheetal Taffa Strong” ,a Kenyan female bodybuilder.The SUPER GIRL her self,fittest of the fittest.

Her story is soo Inspirational ,she has tackled all the obstacles of female body building and as competed in various competitions and always makes it at the top.
for more motivation and Inspiration about this lovely African Queen of Bodybuilding like her page on facebook Sheetal Tafa Strong .
get to know her secrets to muscle building and physique transformation.As she always say “ KEEP IT STRONG”

Find Sheetal Kotak on her various social media platforms as ” SHEETAL KOTAK


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“Support the Sport or move on” Head of NABBA & WFF tells suplement dealers


Bodybuilding in Kenya as once risen and at a very high speed,this as been successful thanks to hardworking former bodybuilders and determined Athletes both in Physique,Bodybuilding,Bikini e.t.c
Like any other sport,brokers,business men/women,cartels,Critics e.t.c will cheap in for the better cake.Recently various supplement companies have emerged targeting some Athletes “pretending” to sponsor them while not supporting the sport; as Bro Wily puts it.
Well Social media is a place to express your feelings and opinions and Facebook is the best tool.
On. Bro Wily the head of NABBA and WFF International Kenya Chapter went on his facebook account to set things straight,and I quote
INVESTING IN AN ATHLETE WITHOUT INVESTING IN THE SPORT ITSELF IS A CRAP……. This is to all supplements dealers in the country. Nabil Athman this is the fact, Adnan Muktar this was what my yesterday’s post was all about. A single container of a bodybuilding supplement is as good as nothing. Tag any supplements dealers you know. Any question, critics is welcomed.”
This Was taken likely by Kenya Competitive Bodybuilders and Gym Instructors by praising the Ultimate Sports Nutrition Company USN and the debate went on and on.If I was asked for my opinion,I would say; “let the other supplement companies come to the table and talk things out”


Issue of Pro. Cards and Award Money Finally set straight | Bro Wily (Member of board at) ; FIBBA,NABBA,WFF Kenya


The issue of pro. Cards as been a problem in bodybuilding in Kenya due to lack of knowledge among athletes and the sports supporters.In the past week the member of board at NABBA,FIBBA and WFF Kenya Bro Wily went on his facebook account and set things straight,his post was supported by other Competitive bodybuilders and Athletes and the debate went on and on.

According to his post,this is the message and I quote;

‘NOTICE’… This message is not meant to discourage you, but to give you the reality of bodybuilding, the fact about the bigger international contests. To be straight… BODYBUILDERS in biggest international titles at AMATEUR or NOVICE competes for MEDALS & TROPHIES with the goal of winning PRO CARDS. It’s only after winning PRO CARDS the athlete/athletes qualify to compete for price money where in most cases only the top three are awarded.
This is the reality of the world of bodybuilding. It’s a tough journey that you need to understand especially if you are doing competitive bodybuilding. Be blessed.
HOW MUCH most federations offer, i will leave it for another day.
16 August at 20:48 · ”


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Train like a Beast act like a Lady.Sheetal Kotak’s Explosive!!! leg workout,NO EXCUZES!!!

kotak 1

Thanks again to the internet inventor,I had another chance to speak with one of the most competitive,hardworking and determined female bodybuilder and fitness athlete Mrs. Sheetal Kotak as she gives as a glimpse into her leg day and the secret to her quads massive growth.

JEEP: welcome once again Sheetal

SHEETAL: Thank you! Jeep

JEEP: Many have been asking,why and how have you been able to explode your legs while still remain feminine,would you highlight Us on your Legs workout routine?

SHEETAL: Yes well

  • Squats 5 sets wide and close challenging weight usually 120kgs plus, warm up is 60 Kgs 20 reps.
  • Leg press again heavy wide and close,
  • leg extensions pulling body forwards when raising legs to work tear drops, wide, closed in and straight.
  • Hip thrusts, hack squats, quad presses on calf machine, extensions, stiff legs and lunges.

”I always alternate with front squats on diff leg days.”