So Ruth Wanjiku Kamande as been sentenced to death for stabbing to death her 2 years old boyfriend over 20 times and people are now playing keyboard law warriors with that stupid ”Temporarily Insanity” theory.Yes we have people who have undetected mental problems but do you think that the law is going to just seat there and assume ‘mental problems’ anytime and every time someone kills another person or people in cold blood? Amnesty Kenya now jumps in and claims it’s  “Temporarily Insanity” and the so called pure Christians are everywhere on social media spreading the word of God with; ”God said Forgive”.

Well She never gave someone a chance to live,why should she be given a chance to live her life? She got what she ordered. Why kill someone for such a stupid reason and her stupid excuse is ”self defense”.How and why should you stab someone for suspecting he infected you with HIV,which you do not even have.There was a case where her medical report suggested that Farid Mohamed had raped her which was trashed since it was fake,and now they have just switched it to a HIV/AIDS infection? Stabbing someone 20+ times is not self defense.This is the fact people are supporting her because she is beautiful,some because she is a woman and some because we have this Amnesty lawyers who are now on TV stations trashing the death sentence.

ruth 2

Do you think the judge being a woman does not understand the rights of a woman? Feminists and Social media boys going around claiming mental problems thinking its ok to just kill someone and walk away over some stupid disputes.Christians dragging in God name in this case now? She is a christian so she knew God existed,she just ignored him and made her own rules.The law does not care if you are a christian,Muslim,beautiful or young.She thought she was bold enough to do it,then she should be bold enough to face her judgement.What would happen if she would have just walked away? 20+years?? that’s an adult.So it’s ok to shoot and kill a 16 to 17 year old for theft but when a 20+ year old woman kills in cold blood she is branded young?

Lets get this right,Farid Mohamed was 24 years when she stabbed him and they had dated for 2 years,yet Ruth was actually 21 years.Now in 2018 Ruth is actually 24 years.Which means she had started dating him when she was 19 years,ok her parents were good with that because she was an adult but now she was a child? She was old and matured enough to have a boyfriend get into an intimate relationship  and kill someone,well justice as been served.

This is was I always tell my friends and people I meet every time,if your partner hits you don’t just seat there in the name of love.Someone who loves you never hits you.If he or she gets hungry during an argument and slaps you,you need to get your alert on,if it is a toxic relationship,why are you even in it in the first place? Remember there are 7 billion people in this world every one is replaceable. If you let your hunger and jealousy drive you,you won’t like the end results.Ruth’s case should serve as a lesson to young couples with rage and an attitude that they will be treated as wish because of gender,looks or financial status.


Pressure amounts on KBBF ahead of the 2018 bodybuilding federation elections


Pressure amounts on Kenya Bodybuilding federation officials including its chairman Mr. Chris Omedo ahead of the KBBF 2018 elections.
There as been multiple disagreements on the federations protocols on how their events are held and how winners are selected.  The federation as suffered great oppositions from both competitive and uncompetitive athletes, Donors and funs of the sport.
After Mr./Mrs Greater western Bodybuilding competition was held, it was now clear that the federation was a hoax all this time after striping of Mr. Derrick Olara his tittle in allegations that he refused to take ADAK urine test for bad substances that’s after he complained that the cheque he was given was not able to work in Uganda. This left people wondering ‘why conduct tests after the competition?’ It’s like graduating then given a test…hahaha that wasn’t soo smartdero1
(Ok! Hold on for a minute, Drug testing in bodybuilding?? Funny right??…yea that’s funny,Bodybuilding is not a sport where athletes challenge each other physiqual like;Fighters,Swimmers,Runners e.t.c in bodybuilding it’s all about the physique.Natural or not,steroids don’t give you a physique.Period)
After striping off Derrick Olara’s tittle,Mr. Dexter Marvins being second place he was supposed to be awarded the price money which was 50,000KES.But that never happened. According the Bro Willy the most feared critic of the KBBF Chairman Chris Omedo as gone ahead to shed more light on the federations corrupt system that as been manipulating Bodybuilding Athletes all along.




Apart from that Former KBBF board member  Mr. Joseph Oketch as bashed the federation on its incompetence. All this time Chris Omedo and his supporters who bashed me last year after publishing an article on facebook calling him out to be clear on the federations mandate have gone silent.



After  the greater mr and mrs western bodybuilding some Athletes went ahead to support Chris Omedo and the ADAK  team only to keep their mouth shut after their tests results never showed up. All in all everyone hopes for a better tomorrow but Chris Omedo must step down.

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josep owino

Are this the biggest biceps in the world of Africans Bodybuilding

Talk of Roonie Colnmans Biceps and everyone’s minds go blank.Well are this the biggest biceps in Africa?? Here are 5 photos of One Oscar Obinna from West Africa that left me with questions,are this the biggest arms in African Bodybuilding?? oscar 5

oscar 2

oscar 1

oscar 3

oscar 4



It’s a scam to manipulate Us through a corrupt political regime. “It’s time Kenyans woke up and realized that politics shouldn’t divide Us” a term that as been used over and over again but falls into dead ears.

There  is a saying that quotes “Kenyans forget easily” maybe its just a word or maybe it makes sens. Kenyans forget easily but maybe not all…but just maybe.But not all…but a big number and well majority rules and Tirane of numbers matter.

We hope for the best but expect the worst and it shall all be well only if the majority learns whats wrong and whats right,but till then we wait as we suffer under a greedy political regime that will rules Us over and over again. The Reunion of Hon.Raila Amolo Odinga and President Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta shouldn’t be a new thing,they have always been united through a political greed but divided through political platforms in public but still dine together in darkness.

As I always say there is not opposition and the government in your country if you are in peace.Like a white man said; “What if I tell you that the government and the opposition works for the same Cooperation?” I guess that will hurt,after knowing they used Us as the citizens to get what they want.But again Kenyans forget easily and will never understand that there is only one government and we the citizens are the opposition,until we get a better political regime after we deliver our selves from this political but till then we wait.

I Don’t hate Gay people.Am against their mentality

It’s already in the public domain that am an homosexual discriminator and criticizer. There are people who have gone to an extend of framing me as gay in denial just because there stupid offers were turned off.Well all might not be as it seems. First I respect humankind and gay people being humans that means I respect them too and that as close as it can get.
What I hate about gay men is the mentality of; ‘all men are gay’ yes! I said it,that’s whats always runing inside their heads.Have you ever come across a gay man before? If its a female its okey but if you are a man you are on the menu. Meet an homosexual and in the first site BOOM!! they think of banging you or vise viser.
Try informing them that you are straight and they claim you are playing hard to get,meet them in the club and all they do is to keep on trolling you and asking for your phone number,buying drinks for waitresses to trick you to giving up your contacts.It’s funny how you will turn off their sexual request just for them to open up new Facebook accounts with female information just try and sex chat you or trick you to a blind date.Some are stupid enough to block you,then unblock you,Change their facebook names and profile to a female account,send you are request and start a chat forgetting that the previous inbox information is still visible.Well I think its now out of what I hate,am not against LGBT members but against the thoughts of a man thinking that he can have any man as a sexual partner,nothing personal


Bad month for Bodybuilding Community as Icon bodybuilders die

If you are having a bad day think twice as bodybuilders are not having a good time.It’s been the worst month for bodybuilders as news of  some of their own have been reported dead.

It all started with South African bodybuilder Sifiso Lungelo Thabethe died of a back flip gone wrong while celebrating his win to an audience.He was a rising star and an idol to many at such a young age.sifiso

Second tragedy was of a 24 year old professional bodybuilder Dallas McCarver who was reported  dead of  food choking.He was an idol to many and will be missed by the entire bodybuilding community.dallas-mccarver

The news become more shocking when another bodybuilding icon and celebrity and you Tuber Rich Piana passed away in the same month.Rich Piana’s case is deferent,he was rushed into a hospital after he collapsed in his house from an “overdose” and was placed in a medical  induced comer.This motivational bodybuilder and an inspiration to many,will be missed by the bodybuilding community and both fans and gurus of fitness.Not to be forgotten Rich was considered the worlds largest piana 1

But let me make a few things clear according to this resent deaths of this icons.

But first R.I.P Big Rich,Dallas McCarver and Sifiso Lungelo.
Ones again,before people rush their mouths to comment on facebook and post on social media about Rich Piana and steroids .Should know that if steroids made people that masculine and huge everybody would be huge.Keep your mouths shut!! if you have no knowledge about bodybuilding and steroids.Those who use it don’t talk and those who understand it and bodybuilding as well don’t talk too.I a not trying to prove a point but to make a point clear.

Who said Steroids killed Dallas McCarver? Did his doctor release a potential statement? If you are really into bodybuilding then you should know that Cholesterol is what kills bodybuilders more than anything in this world.The cause of his death is not steroids or cholesterol in this case.Why? Because no one as his postmortem results.When South African bodybuilder Sifiso Lungelo died people rushed to claim its steroids while he died from a back flip gone wrong.Get your facts right.One thing you should know it’s bodybuilders don’t faint due to steroids but due to exhausted liver and kidney.While prepping.

Let me finish with this few words,Dust to dust,You will be missed by the bodybuilding fraternity.

Are Kenyan Bodybuilders on Steroids?

stero 1Bodybuilding is a sport involving strenuous physical exercise in order to strengthen and enlarge the muscles of the body.
In other words.Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one’s musculature. An individual who engages in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder.

Bodybuilding is a sport worldly accepted and encouraged by fitness enthusiast as a way of health and better living.For you can’t build muscle if you are not healthy or can You?? There as been a tendency of bodybuilders using muscle enhancers for faster muscle recovery and building but as always been advised as unhealthy and dangerous.

This drives me to my homeland Kenya.Where there as been a harsh conversation and argument on Facebook whether Kenyans both Armature and Professional Bodybuilders juice or not.

As I can remember one day when I met the Olympia 2016 best build man on earth and USN ambassador William Bonac on his vist here to Kenya,he told me that Kenyans have the gift and genetic to build muscles faster and better but are joking; this his what he told me.” Jeepson,look at that big guy over there.He is that big right? But from eating shity!! Foods right? And doesn’t lift.What if he eat right and lift right with the right program??” That left me with a lot of questions that am still meditating on.But does that mean that athletes are not juicing or steroids don’t build muscles here in Kenya.I don’t think so.

Talking with some of the best known Kenyan bodybuilders have told me that yes we have Kenyan bodybuilders who take this stuff and have also advised them to take it.Some pioneers of this beautiful sport have openly asked advice on how to use this enhancers and some athletes with no shame have proudly ordered them on facebook. The federation KBBF as claimed of testing and banning the culprits but there as been multiple denial from various competitors that they are not tests conducted before or after the competition.If so,why call it a drug free federation? Who believes the federation anyway?

The Truth!! I think people are different but some times hard work and Knowledge beats talent.Some bodybuilders have moved to social media to point at other athletes and claiming that they are juicing for their gains but with no prove. Well a man who is a man should not bring his insecurities on social media and blame others for his unsuccessful ambitions. People should man up and face life as it comes.Whether you are on roids or not that’s not what matters.Your physique will decide.

stero 2