“Support the Sport or move on” Head of NABBA & WFF tells suplement dealers


Bodybuilding in Kenya as once risen and at a very high speed,this as been successful thanks to hardworking former bodybuilders and determined Athletes both in Physique,Bodybuilding,Bikini e.t.c
Like any other sport,brokers,business men/women,cartels,Critics e.t.c will cheap in for the better cake.Recently various supplement companies have emerged targeting some Athletes “pretending” to sponsor them while not supporting the sport; as Bro Wily puts it.
Well Social media is a place to express your feelings and opinions and Facebook is the best tool.
On. Bro Wily the head of NABBA and WFF International Kenya Chapter went on his facebook account to set things straight,and I quote
INVESTING IN AN ATHLETE WITHOUT INVESTING IN THE SPORT ITSELF IS A CRAP……. This is to all supplements dealers in the country. Nabil Athman this is the fact, Adnan Muktar this was what my yesterday’s post was all about. A single container of a bodybuilding supplement is as good as nothing. Tag any supplements dealers you know. Any question, critics is welcomed.”
This Was taken likely by Kenya Competitive Bodybuilders and Gym Instructors by praising the Ultimate Sports Nutrition Company USN and the debate went on and on.If I was asked for my opinion,I would say; “let the other supplement companies come to the table and talk things out”



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