Issue of Pro. Cards and Award Money Finally set straight | Bro Wily (Member of board at) ; FIBBA,NABBA,WFF Kenya


The issue of pro. Cards as been a problem in bodybuilding in Kenya due to lack of knowledge among athletes and the sports supporters.In the past week the member of board at NABBA,FIBBA and WFF Kenya Bro Wily went on his facebook account and set things straight,his post was supported by other Competitive bodybuilders and Athletes and the debate went on and on.

According to his post,this is the message and I quote;

‘NOTICE’… This message is not meant to discourage you, but to give you the reality of bodybuilding, the fact about the bigger international contests. To be straight… BODYBUILDERS in biggest international titles at AMATEUR or NOVICE competes for MEDALS & TROPHIES with the goal of winning PRO CARDS. It’s only after winning PRO CARDS the athlete/athletes qualify to compete for price money where in most cases only the top three are awarded.
This is the reality of the world of bodybuilding. It’s a tough journey that you need to understand especially if you are doing competitive bodybuilding. Be blessed.
HOW MUCH most federations offer, i will leave it for another day.
16 August at 20:48 · ”


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