Get the hell out of our Country ”David Matsanga”

mastanga 1

Uganda politician Mr. David Matsanga has been seen several times on our Kenyan Tv screens and even on our Radio stations throwing every word of insults to Kenyans on Twitter ” KOT ” and the members of the opposition ,and its time Kenyans want him to pack out and go!!

mastanga 2

This oversized human as been blasting the opposition and siding with the government in every little mistake they do,Mr. Mastanga believe the governments incompetence is Development and both the opposition and Kenyan’s voice is pure none sens. If Mstanga says and thinks Museveni’s rule in Uganda is good,why his he doing in our country?? A million dollar question Kenyans ask,

Mr. David Mastanga It is time you pack your enormous cloths and leave our country,you have been living in our peaceful motherland for so long yet causing nothing but trouble and disturbance,we are tired of seeing you in our screens every now and then doing nothing but speaking rubbish and  expressing your short brain’s skills.And you should stop calling yourself a Ugandan Patriot,you didn’t even vote on the last election,its time Kenyans have decided ” Leave our Country,Uganda needs your opinions ”

mastanga 3


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