TupeElimuTupeMavazi Campaign | Help make a change


In  Kibera there have been a rising number of young boys
and girls below 17years getting into
crime,drugs,careless sexual behaviors and other
dangerous activities that can completely ruin their entire
All this is caused by dropping out of schools due to lack
of text books.In Nairobi Kenya out of 4 schools,only 1
can afford a text book for every pupil,this causes a big
number of our youngsters to have difficulties in Class
work,Home Work,Tuition exercises and other studies
giving them a hard time to come back to school the
following day in fear of punishment from not doing their
studies in time.
In the Streets of Nairobi the number of homeless
families is increasing every day,sadly they are living
without cloths.Homeless nursing mothers puting their
baby’s life at risk,it is time to change this situation.
TUPE ELIMU TUPE MAVAZI is a Campaign giving Street
families an opportunity to be clean and improve their
health by protecting their bodies from the night cold
and mosquitos.

TUPE ELIMU TUPE MAVAZI is giving all pupils an
opportunity to afford a text book by donation from well
wishers in Nairobi County .In every home in Nairobi
Kenya there is a big number of unused Primary text
books and old unused cloths,if every home could donate
a single book for 2
pupils or a shirt we believe this problem can be
reduced.Let Us
save the lives of this children and secure their future by
giving them and opportunity to read,write and show up
in school comfortably,be clean.


You can also donate
Pencils and Crayons/pencil colours for the younger ones
(Baby class – Pre-Unit ).
To donate a blanket,bed shit,Unused cloths or a Primary
text book from Class 1-8 kindly
contact Jeepson Anzigare Kegode on : +254712519947
Facebook: Jeepson Anzigare Kegode
Twitter: @kegodejeepson

Contact Us on our email: tupeelimutupemavazi@gmail.com/jeepsonanzigare@gmail.com


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