Njambi Koikai’s STRONG message to the Public-Know your Health


I’d like us to have a conversation. A conversation about
cancer and a very rare disease that affects women in
their 30’s called catamenial pneumothorax. Firstly we
have all been affected by cancer directly or indirectly.
We have suffered. Our brothers and sisters in the ghetto
suffer in silence. What shall we do about it? Secondly
I’m sure you’ve had our sisters, mother’s,aunts
complain of extremely painful periods. I have suffered
from these pains since I was a teen. Little did I know
that I have endometriosis. Now read this carefully, if not
detected early, the endometriosis moves to other
organs. Mine moved to the diaphragm and punctured it.
After the diaphragm it moved straight to my lungs
therefore causing the collapse, this is what is known as
a catamenial pneumothorax.I would miss school
because of the pain. I would miss work because of the
pain and sometimes my bosses wouldn’t understand.
I’m at a place where I’ve met so many people from all
walks of life. I met a girl in Facebook who had 10 lung
collapses before they finally found out it was catamenial
pneumothorax. For both cancer and this rare disease,
NONE of us are SAFE. After I recuperate, I intend to
embark on awareness projects to reach out to our
sisters, the youth, the elderly and in our ghettos. Would
you like to help?


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