Take Your hands of our Island,Migingo is not Uganda

Migingo as always been an issue between Uganda and
Kenya although the World’s African map clearly tells
that Migingo is indeed a Kenyan Island and also located
within it’s boards.
But this time this might not be the common case of
Mr.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s greedy plan to take over
our Country’s asset.

According to the resent cases of Jubilee government
(Our Government) acting in an indirect ways to take
down the Opposition (Cord) like; Seizing some of their
member’s private business,using police to disrupt their
meetings/ Rallies,withdrawing their private
security,trying to pass
in bills into laws that will capsize both the opposition
and media e.t.

Sadly this new IEBC Migingo saga might also be a dirty
game all not to register voters in one of Cord’s strong
hold ahead of 2017 general elections.After Uganda’s
police arrested the IEBC officials,instead of the
government to fight for what’s theirs,IEBC as threatened
not to give more time to register voters in Migingo.
It is time we know if Migingo was sold to Uganda or it
is still our property.Uganda can’t be our friendly
nation,harassment of our citizens by foreigners is
unacceptable,KDF should be deployed to Migingo as
fast as possible.


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