Real Bullshit!! Musclemania Pro. Bodybuilder Donte Franklin get a lifetime gym bann for scaring people in the gym


24year old Mexican bodybuilder and Musclemania Pro.
Dante Franklin as been banned from a gym he as been
working out for 7years for scaring people during his
workouts,the Pro. Confirmed this Funny decision made
by the gyms staff on his Facebook account,as I quote;
” Lifetime Ban from 24hr fitness, damn!!.I’ve been with
24hr fitness since I was 18…talked with corporate to
get reinstated, basically she said, “nigga fuck
naw”…..other members complaints about me listening
to my music and cursing loudly, she told me that people
were terrified of my aggressive nature while working out.
Thats how I workout though, I leave everything at the
gym, stress, pain, tears everything. It felt great, but I
have to respect there decision because at the end of the
day, it is a business and I cant scare away customers$
$$. “
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