Interview | Upcoming Kenyan bodybuilder Kizito Bwire talks about his bodybuilding career,diet,training and experience on stage


Jeep: What are your real names?
Kizito: My names are Kizito Bwire.
Jeep: What’s your age,height and weight?
Kizito:Age 24 Height 5.8″ Weight 78Kgs
Jeep:How do you balance your education,work and
fitness time?
Kizito: During lecture hrs,I attend.I attend gym at leisure
times.Or from 5am to 6.30am and prepare for school
work during the day.In holidays, I have enough time to
Jeep: How long have you been in this sport?
Kizito: 3Years.I started lifting weights after my high
school studies in 2012.

Jeep: What approached you to fitness?
Kizito: In 1990s when I was young.. I used to admire
the bodies of fit movie actors since I used to watch
action movies… Likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean
Claude Van damme,Billy Blanks,Dolph Lundgren,Bolo
young,Sylvester Stallone e.t.c…I wanted to be like them
when I grew up…and I came to know the benefits of
fitness at later stages…I started jogging in 2007 as my
main exercise every morning… My mother is a witness
Jeep: What attracted you to bodybuilding part?
Kizito: When I joined Egerton University Njoro main
campus in 2013,31st August:the first place to visit was
in the institution’s Gym.There was a university
bodybuilding event organized by One Professor Kahi and
the Verseman Wilson Munene(My local mentor) where
other bodybuilders were invited too.I emerged position
one in my category(middle weight) and won a medal…I
was placed 5th overall. I was motivated and this
attracted me to bodybuilding part

Jeep: How was the reaction of family/friends about you
in bodybuilding? Kizito: My parents liked my body.Infact
my father and my uncle had an idea about weight
training so they encouraged me always before my
fathers death when I was in 2nd year…2014.My uncle
who is a retired soldier still encourages me and we train
together when we meet.Most of the friends admired me
up to now…but obviously a few relatives and friends
criticize coz of lack of understanding and knowledge
about bodybuilding
Jeep: What categories have you competed in and how
did you place? Kizito: My first was Mr/Ms Egerton as I
said earlier… And the 2nd one again in 2014 which I
was 3rd overall. •Mr/Ms Nakuru 2013..5th in light
weight among 10 bodybuilders. •Mr/Ms Nairobi
2015,Male physique(Didn’t pass the preliminaries) •Mr/
Ms Modern Fitness Mombasa(Big event where we had
Ugandans too)-Medium weight(16 guys) Didn’t pass
Jeep: How many days a week,how many sessions a day
and hours do you train? Kizito: Monday to Friday…1-2
Jeep: Which is your most starbon muscle and which
one is your strong hold?
Kizito: Calves.I work hard to increase their size…but the
good thing is that they do respond positively…I think
it’s time I work them more for progressive development.
Strong points:Back,Quads and Shoulders(Traps)
Jeep: Free weights or machines which is the best?
Kizito: I always do free weights from the start…I only
do machines when I get at my uncle’s Gym in Donholm
(Muscletalk Gym) where I stay utmost for 2 weeks
before leaving:I experience significant increases at that
period.I believe it’s good to start with free
weights…then machines to be in cooperated later.
Jeep: Isolated muscle workouts or compound muscle
workouts which do you prefer for bringing out the
aesthetics? Kizito: Mostly Isolated.I do compound when
I’m squeezed by other things like academics…thus
having no time…which I usually create…also when
preparing for any competition I do compound
Jeep: As they say muscles grow in the kitchen,Whats
Your diet like?
Kizito: I just eat local known food especially from
Western part of Kenya…Ugali,Omena,Fish and
Fruits,Vegetables,Beans,Rice,Milk & Eggs,Chicken at
times…e.t.c I do what I can afford and balance them.I
totally avoid Gym or heavy exercises like Squat…when
my financial status is low.
Jeep: When do you have your cheat meals?
Kizito: Mostly when in off-season…Once in a while
when Training. I do the famous Chips! (Fries )
Jeep: Whats your favourite supplement?
Kizito: I can afford Creatine coz it’s pocket
friendly.Mostly I use that.I once used USN hyperbolic
mass in June 2015,results were good.I was also offered
USN Amino mass peach(2 cans 200g each) in December
2015 as a Christmas gift after answering their question
on their Facebook wall.I increased in muscle size too.
Jeep: Who is your favourite current Mr.Olympia
Kizito: I like them all…but I like Philip Heath and Dennis
Wolf more.
Jeep: Well everyone always have their fair share of
criticism from people,have you had yours? How was it?
Kizito: Yes,I always have,mostly from people Who “just
hate”.They don’t understand anything,just scared of
you,bad mentality towards big muscles,others due attire
code.An uncle of mine recently criticized me,why I wear
“inner wears” and use pics as my whatsapp profile
picture.I tried to explain knowing he won’t
understand,Just want to work hard untile successfull in
fitness and bodybuilding,that will explain it for me.But
its none of my bussiness because I stand firm to show
each one that I love what I am doing.
Jeep:Let me ask you,when chasing those gainz,what
type of music highps! You in the gym? Kizito: I like hip
hop expressing life hustles,Techno, Rock and any other
good music.
Jeep: I always like to ask athletes and other
personalities this question,what is your craziest fun
experience? Kizito: In Mr/Ms Modern Fitness Mombasa
on 5th/12/2015…A certain lady screamed my tag
number(139) from 1st to last minute I stepped on
stage:to the top of his voice..I had gone alone all the
way from Njoro Egerton in Nakuru.She was a true fun
who really liked me.I never met or knew her anyway.It
still lingers I n my mind.
Jeep: What advice can you give to young athletes trying
to get into fitness ? Kizito: Know what drives them into
it.Set goals and use what they have to chase the set
goals.Seek information about anything involved in it.And
finally,Work hard.


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