Interview | KENYAN BODYBUILDER Rashid Gift talks about his Fitness life,achievements,diets and bodybuilding career

In the big world we live in,thanks to the internet I had an opportunity to talk to one of Kenyan top bodybuilder, Rashid Gift,below is our conversation.


Jeep: Most people know you as Rashid Gift Issa are
this you actual names? if not,what are your real names?
Rashid: My real names are “Rashid Wasamwa Issa”,Gift
is a nickname for my superior genetics.

Jeep: Are you a brand sponsored athlete?
Rashid: Am a brand Ambassador and I think there is a
big difference between the two in terms of benefits.


Jeep: How do you balance your; family, work and fitness
Rashid: For four years I’ve been working as an
assistant to the head of security of an hotel in the city.I
had to stick to night shift so that by 7:00 am I am a
sleep then wake up at 1:00pm ,take my meal and go the
gym in Parklands after which I’d report to work at
8:30pm.So I only had to see my family in the morning
and during the weekends when off duty.
Jeep: How long have you been in this sport?
Rashid: it’s 10years now,I began in 2007 but it as been
an On and Off kind of thing.Like in 2008 I only trained
the last three months.Then in 2010 again I hanged the
weights but bounced back again in 2014 to win my first
Jeep: What approached you to fitness?
Rashid: I just happen to have a passion in sports,like
more ⅔ of my life I’ve spent it in sports.Trust me…am a
sprinter,I’ve done boxing,played football and now
bodybuilding.Passion approached me to fitness.
Jeep: Let’s be more specific,what attracted you to the
bodybuilding part?
Rashid: I was doing it for modeling after college until a
friend Meshack Ochieng(a bodybuilding pro. and Mr.
Kenya)saw the potential in me and invited me to train in
his gym.
Jeep: How was the reaction of your family and friends
when you said, “I am becoming a bodybuilder” ?
Rashid: They were happy,they have been
supportive,they know I have all it takes to be the best.
Jeep: What categories have you competed in and how
did you place?
Rashid: I have competed in different categories and
placed well;
•2008 Dec. Mr.Kericho 3rd place in middleweight
•2009 Dec. Mr.Kericho 2nd place middleweight category.
•2010 Jan. NTP Africa 4th place middleweight category.
•2010 Dec. Mr.Kericho 1st middleweight category 2nd
place overall.
•2014 Nov. Mr.Nakuru 1st light-heavy category overall
•2014 Nov. Mr.Kericho 1st light-heavy category 3rd
place overall.
•2015 May Mr.Nairobi 1st light-heavy weight category
overall winner.
•2015 Aug. Mr.Kenya 1st light-heavy category 3rd place
•2015 Dec. Mr.Kakamega county 1st light-heavy
category and overall winner.
Upto now am holding Three titles.

Jeep: How many days a week,how many sessions a day
and hours do you train?
Rashid: Naturally am strong and have good endurance.I
train for 5 days a week,one session a day that runs for
2hrs-30minutes to 3hrs.
Jeep: Which is your most starbon muscle and which
one is your strong hold?
Rashid: Chest,give somebody else my chest and he’ll
look awesome with it.The remaining body parts are just
at the top the class.
Jeep: Free weights or machines which is the best?
Rashid: Both of them hit the muscles differently but
serve the same purpose.No stone should be left
Jeep: Isolated muscle workouts or compound muscle
workouts,which one do you prefer for bringing out the
Rashid: I do both coz if you want to be the best then
got to do everything that makes you the best.
Jeep: As they say muscles are made in the
kitchen,what’s your diet like?
Rashid: It’s just normal diet of 4 or some days 5 meals
a day.Each of my meal contains sweet potatoes,arrow
roots,egg white,either fish,beef or chicken and steamed
broncoil and French beans.Then I have to supplement
after training.
Jeep: When do you have your cheat meals?
Rashid: Cheat meals…It doesn’t exist unless it means
which food doesn’t work for you.I have a very close
friend who competes and we eat fries on the
competition day.I think it’s what you do in the gym and
how you do it that defines the term

Jeep: What is your favourite supplement?
Rashid: MUSCLETECH’s Nitrotech.It’s an all in one
product.You can’t go buy everything on the shelves…you
know what I mean.
Jeep: Who is favourite current Mr.Olympia competitor?
Rashid: PHIL HEATH is the guy,we happen to share the
nickname “Gift” and just like me,he is blessed with
superior genetics that makes Us stand out with the best
balanced physique,that has rearly been seen in our
different levels.
Jeep: Well everyone always have their fair share of
criticism from people,have you had yours? How was it?
Rashid: I have heard one.But that doesn’t mean am
perfect but I just happen to respect and treat everyone
Jeep: What music. highps!! you in the gym?
Rashid: Nothing gets my attention in the gym apart
from the weights,play anything you want but give me
time to train.
Jeep: What is your craziest fun experience?
Rashid: Hahahaha…we actually live in a society that has
all types of people making it hard to deal with
sometimes.There’re many …Sometime back in 2014 a
text from a lady saying, “Hi am your no.1 fun.I was with
you in Nakuru,I followed you to Kericho and I just want
you big and ripped”

Jeep: Hahahaha …that’s a crazy one there,let me ask
you champ,what advice can you give to young athletes
trying to get into fitness?

Rashid: What I can tell them is;
(a) Every successful story begins with a good
mindset.So let them have a good mindset,set goals then
work hard to achieve them.
(b) Supplements are food in their simplest,for many
taking them without proper training won’t make you
grow muscles.
(c) They should keep off Steroids.Though you might
care less health and life,to an extend of using
them,believe me there are people out there who adore
you and want to be just like you.
Well there it is,you’ve heard it your self from the Champ
himself.You can Find him on his Facebook Fan page as.
Rashid Gift
You can also find me on

Facebook as Jeepson Anzigare

Twitter as @kegodejeepson

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