Lifestyle | Crazy Kenyans – Man Killed over Dowry dispute

Police at Kwanza village in Kitale, Trans-Nzoia County
are investigating the murder of a man in what is
believed to be a dowry dispute.
Two unknown attackers reportedly broke into the home
of 38-year-old Solomon Kiberenge and hacked him to
death using both an axe and a machete.

His brother Said that he heard calls for
help coming from Kiberenge’s house on Saturday night.He said
“We had just finished eating supper and were about to
retire to bed when we heard loud screams. We ran to
check what was going on and where the screams were
coming from when we discovered the screams were
coming from our brother’s house,we found the doors locked but our
brother was lying motionless in a pool of his own blood”.

According to eyewitnesses, Kiberenge was killed as he
ate supper over what was suspected to be a dispute
over dowry payment for his wife Joan Nanjala.
It said the attackers
fled immediately after committing the act.
Solomon was rushed to Kwanza Hospital by family
members where he was pronounced dead.


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