There has been a worrying rise in the number of working age men and women having strokes,a charity has warned.Experts say unhealthy lifestyles are to blame for the rise.Based on the researchers findings stroke should not be considered as a disease of the old.

Strokes are caused by blood clots or bleeds to the brain and can lead to long lasting disability.The majority occur in people aged over 65,though rates are decreasing in this group, this report suggests growing numbers of younger people are at risk.

Experts said growing obesity levels,Sedentary lives and unhealthy diets which raise the risk of dangerous blood clots all played a part.And they argued strokes among this age group had long lasting personal and financial impacts on individuals and their families,as well as the economy.

Recovering patients can find it difficult to return to work and should have more support from employers,the report suggests.
John Barrick, of the strokes Association said “Younger people should be aware of the warning signs such as Dizziness, Difficulty with speech and changes in the face.

Dr. Mike Knapton,at the British Heart Foundation Charity said “These findings also highlight the importance of ensuring your blood pressure and Cholesterol are under control,as well as having a health check up.”

Back here in my country Kenya and Africa at large,there have been cases of young people dying in sleep or collapsing during working hours.
My advice for the youths is to Stop getting involved in unhealthy lifestyle. Example;
•Eating anything,Smoking and excessive drinking of Alcohol.
This could cost you your life.I would also recommend you to visit an health center for checkups or a visit a gym or get involved in Sports activities to help you burn down excessive Calories stored as fats in your body.

It should also be noted,intake of low cholesterol diet is advised.Keep healthy,stay fit,live long.


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