GYM THERAPY-Stress and Depression

gym 1Have you ever asked your self a question,whats going on inside someones mind? or what you keep on thinking of can do to you?Depression and stress is a result of the mind being dormant hence making you/someone to think of something over and over,mostly this thoughts come as a result of being annoyed or other personal insecurities.

Animation of a Man Stressed Out

Stress leads to depression,depression leads to deaths[suicide] or self physical damage.Since this comes from the mind being dormant when annoyed or insecure.I have been having thoughts of how we could use Gyms as a therapy program,people working in the the construction sites and those in offices have committed suicide due to Stress and Depression.The number of those doing hard labor is less than those working in office.

gym 3'1gym 3'2

The gym keeps your mind and brain both working at the same time,this keeps you busy at the gym and outside the gym ,it also drives  you to  eating healthy foods and drink lots of water.This enables you to think straight and ensures proper blood rotation in the body as well as proper flow of Oxygen.I have seen people use gyms as an escape an it as worked out good for them.This program is going to be cheap,takes less time and is suitable for everyone.I am currently speaking with fellow Athletes to see if this can be used in the futer  and be embraced by everybody everywhere .Remember to give me your thoughts  below.


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