As Uganda goes to its election in 2016,the Baganda people are still forced to adopted top the colonial [powers of their own 30 terms president Mr. Yoweri Museveni whop is definitely vying for another term in government and keeps on promising better feature.3 days to the voting date the opposition leader DR. Kizza Besigye was arrested and to make matters worse all Ugandan citizens were declined their rights to freedom and expression as the Internet was switched off.

Animation of a Man Stressed Out

Hours letter the people of Uganda went on media to complain of this injustices.This is the type of leaders we keep on breeding as Africans.It is a pity to see people still campaign for such leaders pretending to be blind not to see what is happening.It as been our will to still re-elect bad leaders just to completely smoke Us dry through economical injustices and misuse of power.Look at my country KENYA look at CONGO then take a look SUDAN tell me what you see. if not AFRICANS stupidity to be controlled wealthy living individuals in power while we swim in poverty and suffering.Africa is not poor,it as never been,we  only allow our brains to developed poor thinking.


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